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About Us

The vision of Techno Pavé is a clear one: put forward a collaboration of hip-hop jewelry, so that fans of the two can indulge in the best of both worlds. Our collection commemorates late, great hip-hop artists such as Biggie Smalls and 2Pac, and showcases the fashion influences of new leaders in music such as A$AP, Drake, Future, Travis Scott, and Gucci. Simply put, our watches are today's fashion. 

We create high-quality timepieces with an urban touch that fit every wrist. Whether you need a watch for this year's Summer Jam or next week's night out at Club LIV, our collection of icy watches will hold you down. 

We hope our jewelry pieces provide you all the style and hip-hop culture you need in order to help you start YOUR wave. You too, can be influential in the world of fashion and Techno Pavé is here to help.

Our products are available exclusively through our website and showrooms. 

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